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03 September 2010

wild babies

 the name means 'come to bring happiness to everybody'
for me...
a perfect name for this guy!
Photo Credit: Nina le Grange

mum and dad
(who's the boss? LOL!)

daddy's got great big canine teeth 
a lovely mane
and a rough tong 
A lions tongue is used for eating and acts like a comb for grooming.
The rough spine (called papillae) on the lions tongue, is enough to take the skin off your hand if it licked you.

lion cubs are born
with brown rosettes (spots) on their bodies
rather like those of a leopard
the first thing the cubs did to casper and nina
 was to smell them out
before making any other move

last saturday we enjoyed the afternoon out
on a farm
just outside our town 

the farmer, Dewald,
is running a lion conservation breeding program
unneeded adults
are sold to larger game reserves

he and his lovely wife Anine
knows every lion by name
 and plays daily with the younger ones!

~ hope you've enjoyed our visit to the farm ~
~ which wild animal do you like most? ~
~ why? ~


Henk said...

I like this first picture post - the lioness with the dark glasses - why ? because i love her...

Jo said...

Hi Ida;) Wow, what a lovely game farm on our doorstep. I love the photos, I love Henk's comment. I love it ALL. My favourite wild animals are hyenas and giraffes. I also love the cat family. Jy't 'n pragtige blog, vriendin. So kunstig en duidelik. Liefde Jo

Betty said...

Wow! What great pictures! I´m so glad you made your blog public, it will draw many people to it for sure.
I would love to "play" with those lions cubs. Looks like fun.
My favorite wild animal? I can´t really say, because i have experienced so few.

Ida said...

@Henk - beware... she's VERY dangerous!!! :-))

@Jo - Thanks Jo! Look if there is any similarities between you and the animals you like!!*

- In ancient Egypt hyenas were domesticated and raised for food.
- They are fast and can run for long distances without tiring.*
- Spotted hyena cubs are born with their eyes open!
- Hyenas possess great intelligence!*

- The name ‘giraffe’ is born out of an Arab word, ‘Xirapha’ meaning ‘one that can walk very fast’.
- Female giraffes give birth standing up. Their young endure a rather rude welcome into the world by falling more than 5 feet (1.5 meters) to the ground at birth.
- The giraffe is regarded as being the most peaceful animals on this planet.*
- Giraffes need very little sleep and may only sleep between 20 minutes to two hours out of a twenty-four hour period.

@Betty - Come and visit! You'll love playing with them!!

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