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24 September 2010

dress your table

let's stroll through a few tables
to get some ideas
Use your garden on you table... make tree trunk placemats(1), use moss(2), bark(3), succulent roses (Sempervivum)(4),  cover Styrofoam balls with leaves(5)... and buy Anthuriums(6)!

~ dramatic flair ~ 
For a dramatic effect...
you can't go wrong with candlelight and red...

~ funky alfresco ~
(one of my favourites!)
Thought that you could only EAT pasta?  Maybe in Italy...

A Gerbera (or Barberton Daisy) is a lovely flower to decorate the back of a chair!  [Barberton is a historic mining town in South Africa - it's famous for its gold and…. the Barberton Daisy!]

"Smiling for people, is like sunshine for flowers"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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Betty said...

You have some very creative table settings here. I´m sure guests feel very welcome in your home. Love the red!

Ida said...

@ Betty: I Wish I could take credit for the beautiful tables! - but I was just behind my camera's lens.

A local school (Grey-College, Bloemfontein) held this exhibition of table decorating, and it was open for 4 days for public visiting. There was about 30 tables decorated in the school hall, and the name of the exhibition was "Table Talk - the art of expressing yourself".

Me and my mum went there, and between us it was 'oohs ' and 'aahs' the whole time!

Anonymous said...

Hene sus, ek't nie eers geweet mens kry iets soos BLue time nie! Heng -die foto's is so mooi en die tafels lyk stunning! Sommer lus vir onthaal!

Henk said...

This is how I eat every day .... I'm used to this.... my show u last time the food, now our table, wonder what next ... I guess I must be more gratefull the have such a creative wife... In all there is in life

Ida said...

@ Retha: Dankie, Sus! Wens jy kon saam met my en ma daar gewees het!
@ Henk: Don't believe him for 1 second!! Like I told Betty, it was an EXHIBITION!!!

Betty said...

haha, your husband is a funny guy! :)

Jo said...

Wow, Ida! Die dekkings is pragtig. En jy is so kunstig met die lens. Ek wens jy was die week hier en kon my help met photos by 'n PRAG- onthaal wat ons bygewoon het. Ek pos Dinsdag daaroor. Liefjou, pragtige mensie. In Sy diens. Jo (Khartoum)

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