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10 September 2010

the taste of spring

with mornings still and fresh
like crispy apples
with days warmer and longer
my garden is budding and blossoming with new life

the beautiful arum lilies below
is called 'varkore' in the Afrikaans-language
it literally means 'pig's ears'!

never skip your brain food
eat breakfast!!

occasionally a B-I-G breakfast is fine
~ some men can really eat a huge meal each morning ~
and my sons will enjoy it too!! 
coffee, farmers sausages, eggs, tomato, toast and mealie meal pap(porridge)

henk and i prefer something lighter
like muesli and yogurt

you can easily make your own granola

the granola recipe below
is from food-fundi suné niemand
treat your family or friends
 & serve this with yogurt panacotta
do you want the recipe of the yogurt panacotta too?



1 kg Oats
300 g Macadamia Nuts
300 g Almonds
300 g Cashew Nuts
200 g Sunflower Seeds
100 g Poppy Seeds
100 g Pumpkin Seeds
100 g Linseeds
250 ml Coconut
300 ml Olive Oil
250 ml Orange Juice
100ml Molasses
1Bottle Honey

100g Cranberries


1. Mix all the dry ingredients except for the cranberries in a bowl with the oil.
2. Reduce the orange juice, molasses and honey until it reach syrup consistency.
3. Pour the syrup over the raw granola and mix it through.
4. Transfer the granola onto sprayed baking trays and dry it out in the oven.
5. When the granola is dry, add the cranberries.

do you know the difference between granola and muesli?
- granola is usually coated
with some type of sugary substance or honey
- muesli is generally untoasted and often unsweetened

fresh strawberries
 will add colour
to your breakfast table  
spun sugar is my culinary challenge for next year
 - this was made by suné -
add a bowl of fruit salad
and enjoy
our taste of spring!


FoodFunFarmLife said...

Ida, I am so happy I can now get on to your bog again ! I love all the posts/photos you have done so far - what a lovely taste of Spring you have given us today :) Geniet jou naweek xx

Jo said...

Hi Ida; the glass containers filled with luscious berries and arum lilies is a sight for sore eyes. Thanks for sharing spring with someone so melancholy for her home at the time of new beginnings! The boere-breakfast looks like something my husband eats, here in Khartoum he has to eat oats porridge! Thanks for the granola recipe. I'm sure I can get all the ingredients here and will make it. Geniet jou naweek, liefste vriendin. Blessings Jo

Anonymous said...

Hallo mam
Daai ontbyt lyk heel smaaklik,al moet ek dit self nou se...Hoop ma ireg om so oukie vir my bymekaar te slaan as ek weer huistoe kom!
Haha baie mooi foto's hoor,ma mag maar!

Betty said...

Man, that all looks so good! Do you know how hungry I am now? I´d love that breakfast with sausage and eggs though, not the muesli one.... hahaha I guess that´s why I´m so fat. :))
Your blog doesn´t show up on my reader, so I can´t see when you posted. But I will keep checking back. Great post!

Ida said...

@FoodFunFarmlife: Thanks Lynda - ek is bly jy kon weer op my blog inkom!
@ Jo: Ons manne bly maar vleis-eters! Glad that you can get all the ingredients in Khartoum - you are really getting city wise :-)
@Barend: Verlang al só baie na jou - ontbyt wag net vir jou!!
@Betty: Thanks Betty! I'll see if I can do something so that you can see me on your reader - I'm still learning every day! ☺

Henk said...

Picture that I received all that food when waking up - good to have a wife that HAS to make nice food to take a nice photo ... somebody's got to eat that ...

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