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17 September 2010

blue hour

 'blue hour' - the magical time of photography
just after sunset or before sunrise.
(for me only sunset 'cause i can't get up in the morning!)

for about 15 minutes the sky looks black,
but it's actually blue!!

*The Brandwag (Sentinel) rock formation near the entrance to Glen Reenen rest camp, Golden Gate Highlands National Park, Free State, South Africa

i took the picture below
15 minutes before the one above*.

the two big spotlights is already shining,
but with the sun at my back,
it looks ineffective 
as 'blue hour' didn't arrive yet...

The landscape of Golden Gate is characterized by massive, colourful sandstone formations.

10 minutes later,
(after the first picture*),
and the sky had turned black

These photos were taken when me & Jo  went on  a photography course.  After photo nr. 3 - which was taken in total darkness - we stumbled over stones and grasshumps to get back to our car.  And no... we didn't have a torch or headlight with us... see #6 below...  :-(    but it was a lot of fun and laughter! 
(Jo - from - is currently living in and posting from Khartoum.)

blue hour is all about timing! 
if you're not interested in photography,
skip the next part
and go to comments


  have your camera ready!
 the key to flawless blue hour shots, is long exposure.
(a slow shutter speed)
a sturdy tripod is your most vital accessory.

no tripod?:  look out for some other form of support
- the car's bonnet - your shoe - the top of a rubbish bin - etc.

the photo at the end of the post was taken
with my camera on a table
and a t-shirt under my camera
to tilt the lens to the correct hight…

(tip: a bean bag works better!)

keep your ISO at 100 or 200
(to minimize the digital noise in the picture)

use a remote control to activate
the camera's shutter without touching it.
a remote prevents blurring due to camera shake.
i always use the camera's self-timer function

never use your camera's flash for 'blue hour' photography

some people goes manual with their cameras
and read the photo's histogram

i choose to go straight
to the aperture-priority(A) mode,
and select a aperture varying from f9 to f14

thát will ensure that the far-off elements
within your photoscene,
remains in focus.

everything has been set up...
you're just waiting for one more minute...
check your settings one last time...

it's too dark to SÉÉ the settings!
always take a torch or headlight with you! :-)


please feel free to ask any question
via comments or e-mail.
the most important thing
is to experiment and
have fun shooting!

Stunning view of the Indian Ocean!!!
Blue hour from our bedroom!! at Le Cononnier Hotel, Mauritius.


Jo said...

Stunning Ida, ek het 'n "double-take" gedoen toe ek jou Brandwag foto sien. Briljant. Ja, ek dink baie aan ons kursus en die heerlike naweek saam Clarens. Dankie, dankie, dankie vir die kamera stellings hierbo. As jy nie omgee nie, gaan ek hulle "copy en paste" op my dokumente. Vanaand is volmaan en ek be-oog om dit van die dak af te neem. Ek het al die hele week afgeneem. Ons sou in die woestyn geslaap het, maar Grant is te laat. Ek sou so graag daar die maan wou afneem. Miskien more-aand (die Sondag hier) Jou laast blou uur foto is ook pragtig. Liefde Jo

Ida said...

Daardie naweek sal altyd spesiaal vir my wees! "Copy en paste" die stellings enige tyd. Ek het dit juis opgesit sodat ek dit OOK kan onthou!!

Gelukkig vir die digitale tyd waarin ons leef. Ek het alles al vergeet, maar kon al die info weer kry - van die tyd wat ons dit geneem het tot al die stellings! :-)

Geniet die woestyn - dis vir ons HEERLIK om daarvan te lees. xxxxxxxx

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