family = me, henk & our 4 kids (teenagers → young adults)

i like doing 'family-things', gardening, baking, reading and...
i like the fact that yóú are reading the blog! ♥

it's about everyday living

31 August 2010

spring... just around the corner
Photo Credit: Unknown (from an e-mail)

have a wonderful day!

27 August 2010

ups and downs

there is no way around it
life is full of unexpected ups and downs

Colouring Sands of Chamarel - Mauritius

thankfully God gave us each other
so we don't have to ride
those crazy rapids
     Text credit: Author Thomas Phillips

20 August 2010

"High tea in Wonderland"

what a wonderful day
a sensory overload (which I like!)
a room full of tables
each telling it's own story