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08 December 2010

monique's wedding!

My brother Casper, and his lovely daughter, Monique. She married her Primary School boyfriend, Walter, on December the 4th.
"I know I gotta let her go, 
but I'll always remember 
every hug in the morning 
and butterfly kisses." 

We attended my niece's wedding
on December the 4th!

The venue for this breathtaking wedding was
"Onze Rust" (meaning "Our Peace"),
located about 18 km south of Bloemfontein,
right in the heart of the Free State.

My older brother, Casper (photo below),
accompanied by his lovely wife, Amanda,
has three beautiful daughters,
including the bride, the newly named Mrs Barnes.

My gorgeous sister, Retha (photo below),
who is a only 17 months older than myself,
has a handsome hubby, Daan,
1 son, (the new) Dr. Malan, and 3 lively daughters;
the apple doesn't fall that far
from the tree after all...


This best (for us!) family in the world (photo below)...
myself, Henk - the love of my life - *ooh...aah*!
and last, but certainly not the least,
our 4 precious children.

Together we form the lean mean "le Grange-machine"
who wouldn't want to be a part of such a  precious thing, a family!

Our own sparkling, healthy and soft hearted
mother, aged 81, 
is truly our angel-on-earth!
We all love her so-o-o much!!

The fresh outdoor air filled the wedding with
a distinct sense of peace.

The white and green flower arrangements
which blended in with the surrounding trees,
set the perfect stage for this beautiful wedding 
every woman would die for!

A feast was waiting ...
The reception was in a canopied tent.
The menu kicked off with the starter above...

...and ended with super yummee Chocolate Mousse Cakes!! 

This is Ester, 

a beautiful elderly Xhosa lady

who had worked for almost 20 years at my brother's home.

She adores all their children.
She will never miss one of the girls' weddings. 
All dressed up in traditional Xhosa clothes...
...the white spots on her face is a symbol of celebration.

Even though my husband and I had to
wait up for the children until 3 o'clock,
it was a unforgettable wedding
and the groom a welcome addition
to the family!

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Jo said...

Hi Ida, what a beautiful family you have. I know your mum (precious lady) but this is the first time I "meet" your brother and sister. You can all be so proud of your wonderful spouses and precious offspring. Dankie dat jy hierdie spesiale dag met ons deel. Geniet julle reis na Namibie! Liefies, Jo

John and Deborah Hedges said...

Hi Ida, what a lovely blog you have. Thanks for always being an inspiration to me. You are beautiful, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Keep blogging! Love Debbie

John and Deborah Hedges said...

Dearest Ida, thanks for your amazing blog. You are looking fit and beautiful. Please give us some more news of the family - it's a great way for us to stay posted regarding what is happening in your life! Love and hugs, Debbie

Betty said...

Congratulations to the lovely couple! I´m late, but I hope they have a blessed life together. I love your family picture!
Happy New Year Ida!

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