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26 November 2010

you're invited to: sunday lunch!

When the Sunday morning sun arises,
the air is filled with excitement!
Our church starts at 09h30,
and right afterwards the family unites in an effort to get everything ready for lunch,
although it's more of an effort for some than others...

Henk or one my boys will take up the "braai" (BBQ) duties,
one sets the table
and one makes the salad,
As for myself I, having to look after everyone's health,
simply have to account for the veggies.
For a braai to be a braai the most important ingredient
is of course the MEAT!
Steak, chops or chicken... whatever you like. 
Our local butchery, being the best in the business,
sells tasty tenderized, marinated pork steaks
that is unlikely to be soon forgotten.

Next on the menu: roasted vegetables!
On top of being the perfect side dish to a braai,
I add a extra pinch of love to ensure the perfect meal!
Believe me, even veggie haters love this!
How could you not!
Tip:  to select vegetables,always think 

Simply use whatever you have to conjure something up.

(In a small town like ours, everything's rarely available at the snap of one's fingers)

Try using tomatoes, carrots, butternut, sweet potato, green pepper,
red & white onions and potato for a finger-licking dish.

Arrange veggies in a single layer in a roasting pan,
season with herbs en spices,
drizzle with olive oil
and roast at 200 °C .
Stir after the first 15 min.
It takes about 40 min.

Then: yummy sandwishes.
The basics is simple:
bread - cheese - bread
Put whatever you like in between the slices:
chutney, tomato, onions, garlic...
Next, put your 'sammie' in a clamping iron grid 
over the fire
hmm...  Never tasted better, I know!
Last, but not least - a fresh summer fruit salad!
(apples, pineapple and bananas)
topped with strawberry yogurt.



[Textcredit: Me and Barend(2nd son)]

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Henk said...

Being Friday afternoon now, in more or less 40 hours (39h 59min 01sec) will be our next Sunday meal. God is good, he gave me sinusites so I'm not smelling our next Sunday.....

beth said...

i wish i'd been there to eat with you :)

Ida said...

@ Henk: ♥ you!
@ Beth: you're welcome any time! :)

Jo said...

Oh YUM Ida, for the tasty roast vege dish and the fruit and yoghurt. Oh and I love toasts on the braai. My dil, Amanda never knew you could toast bread so well on a grill. Jou fotos is stunning. Liefde, Jo

Andre le Grange said...

kry nou weer lus vir daai pork-steaks! lyk of die troue lekker was! Groete vir almal!

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