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12 November 2010

it's raining again!

the heaven opened,
the rain came down in buckets,
mixed with hail. 
It looks like nighttime at 5pm!
(the sun is setting at 6.45pm at the moment)

It was so dark that the night-time lights came on. My whole garden was covered with a hail blanket, but I couldn't take more photos, because... the water was also streaming into our house!!

normally we have our first rain of the season
in september,
but it was really dry, 
until tuesday...

Can you see where the pond is and where the garden begins? Just follow the stones!
ponds (photo above)
and parts of my garden (photo below)
were overflowing

then... the storm has passed
and the sun is setting in the west.
the streams of water
makes our whole community 
(especially the farmers!)
we are so-o-o blessed...

The tower on the right-hand side, is our beautiful sandstone Church. 
(It's built from the same stones that is used in many gardens in our town - see stones on the left of the picture )

I'm having 8-10 glasses water a day ... 
reminds me of the Living Waters...
- cheers - 
have a wonderful week!!

(Textcredit for last part: Willem Lötter)


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Henk said...

Where is our golfish ? I didn't see any this morning love, probable swam to Jo's house...

Jo said...

Ha-ha Henk, I'm still looking for my garden ornaments! Are they in Ida's garden? Ida, your garden was literally SWIMMING. Jy sien ook die mooiste sonsondergang van jou straat af. Ek bewonder dit altyd as ek daar wag vir spinning. Lekker naweek. Bless julle. (((Jo)))

Yolanda said...

Don't you just love a good rainstorm.

Betty said...

Oh how I wish we would get a rain like that!!! I love the looks of your pictures, they look so refreshing and I´m sure your nature is growing like crazy by now. Our time will come too....

Ida said...

@ Betty: I saw on your blog the lovely rain you had - I'm so glad!!! Ps. ♥ your video!
@ Yolanda: Welcome to my blog! After the drought, the rain was really a blessing.
@ Jo & Henk: Our fish just want to visit Jo's beautiful, eco-friendly garden! LOL!
Daar het rêrig 'n paar vissies uitgespoel wat ek tussen die plante ontdek het - arme goed :(

Garden Girl said...

I love rain, but maybe not that much!!! There was almost enough water to swim in! I don't think you would really want to swim in your garden though!

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