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13 December 2010

korannaberg adventures

The Korannaberg(-mountain) near our town, 
is a nature lover’s playground, 
with extensive grasslands on the mountain plateau and 
lush valley forests in several areas.
Indigenous animal wild life roam the grasslands freely.
We passed some zebra.
The striking pattern of stripes of the zebras is different in each animal.

The road to our destination took us across 
an exciting 4×4 off-road route called "Widow's Hill".
It curls and turns like a mad snake...
...loose stones and pieces of sandstone rock ... like riding on marbles ... 
Casper (3rd son) is driving a 4x4 for the first time
with "co-pilot", dad Henk, 
at his side giving advice.
Nina, our daughter, on the backseat...

Henri, our oldest son, was enjoying the view from the back of the vehicle. 

We headed to "Holkrans" (meaning "hollow cave")
an overhanging cave - this was our overnight "room"!!

The cave is surrounded by aged old trees and plants 
and is secluded by a waterfall!
Can you see the waterfall at Nina's back?

No electricity or cellphone reception - we built a big campfire...

...we talked, told jokes, made music and sang till late with
guitar and African drums - magic !!!

Hammocks were rented to experience the real outdoors!
While Nina was looking where to hang her hammock, Casper was already trying to get 'the hang of things'!

 We kept the fire going all night and morning arrived
with the smell of Henk's bacon and eggs for breakfast.
We decided to eat the watermelon back home, but...
the children dropped it whilst carrying it back to the vehicle.
That initiated a "big time" watermelon fight!!
Nina, Barend and Annelize(a friend).
A perfect end to a perfect day!

Did YOU ever participate in a watermelon fight?


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Ann Nichols said...

This was so much fun!! Thank you so much for sharing this great adventure! (I live in Greece so the scenery is much different.) You have a lovely family - does the soul good to see you all "playing" together. Can't say I have ever participated in a Watermelon fight - must put it on my list of fun things to do!
PS If you come and visit me at my history blog Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

beth said...

what an amazing "perfect day".....

Ann Nichols said...

Hi Again!!
Can't wait to see more of your adventures!
Blessings for a wonderful Christmas week!
PS Thanks so much for entering my GIVEAWAY!

Jo said...

Hi Ida;) you reminded me of how beautiful our own Free State has its own natural paradises. I've only ever spent the Two Mountains bike day up on the Korannaberg and the odd day hike with our children. I think I'll ask Grant if we can spend a night over the Christmas holidays in that cave! No, I've not been in a watermelon fight. It might do me good - I dislike having my hair and hands messed! Ha! Have a wonderful and blessed holiday, my special friend. (((Hugs))) Jo

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