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15 October 2010

fashion parade

the tuesday after
the matric farewell...
Photo 1

 ...a fashion parade...
Photo 2 show off
all their stunning clothes.

for the matric boys
it was just FUN
to appreciate
all the beauty around them!

everybody who likes fashion
attended the show
Photo 3
it was also
 a fundraising event
for the 2011 matric farewell 
Photo 4
  many hues of blue...
Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

most girls wore long dresses
Photo 9

this one is my choice of miss personality! 
Photo 10

the young models caused many
'oohs' and 'ahhs"...
Photo 11

Photo 12

and the last one...
my daughter, Nina's favourite...
Photo 13


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Henk said...

The one that I like most is the lady on top - the first one in the white top feeding the ducks...

Nina said...

Photo 13!!! my favorite!...but they all are beautiful. (",)

Henri said...

Very nice mom!

Monique said...

Hi tannie!
die fotos is alles sooo pragtig! Lyk omtrent of dit n wonderlike aand was! Bly ek het nou tannie se blog adres gevind!
Lekker dag verder!
Mis julle!!

Betty said...

Wow!! Those young woman are stunning! Of course your daughter is my favorite. I lOVE her dress!!

Ida said...

@Henk - ...and that lady loves you!
@Nina - good choice! I just saw that my favourite dress is not here! l'll have to do another post of dresses to show mine!(((Ma)))
@Henri - thank you, dankie! (((Ma)))
@Monique - baie bly jy volg die blog, Monique! Aanvanklik het ek dit begin doen sodat ons familie meer op hoogte van mekaar se sake kan wees. Jy sal nou jou ma moet 'train'.!X
@Betty: Thanks! The number 13 photo wasn't Nina {my daughter) - it was just her favourite dress. That dress is also one of my favourites! Nina is just 15 (grade 9), so in 3 years time, it will be her Matric Farewell. (((Ida)))

Jo said...

Hi Ida;) I love all the silvery/grey dresses and of course, no 13 is my favourite. Your photos are stunning.

Ansie said...

Hi Ida dis pragtig, ek soek nog net 'my' foto wat jy gebruik het! Luv u Ansie

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