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22 October 2010

adrenaline adventure!

"white river rafting"
on the phang nga river in thailand...

we went with a GREAT group
- cousins/nephews/nieces...
on henk's side of the family.

full of excitement 
- in boat number 4 -
was Henk
(from the front, 3rd one on the left-hand side)

 i was in boat number 2,
the one who looked afraid...
very afraid!

 after the first fear-stricken rapid
i realized i'm going to survive,
from then on...
it was heaps of fun!!!


in your comment,
tell me about YOUR biggest adventure!

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Henk said...

Memories of one of the greasest times of our lives - we had so many great times - I'm so greatful be blessed with so many beautiful times ... people, wife and kids and small things in my life ... thank you

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Ida.... you did GREAT.... It does look scary.. I have not done that--but felt similar when we were on a boat very near Niagara Falls.... Yipes!!!!

Jo said...

Ida, watching the clip of your white water rafting had my adrenaline pumping. Did you hear the birds calling in the beginning or was that the music? (ha!) I've had so many exciting adventures in my life too, so I'm also very blessed. But the most daring was a sky-dive I did in the UK in 2005. Geniet jou dag. Lief jou, my vriendin. Jo

Ida said...

@ Betsy: A rapid is over in a few seconds - a boat-trip near the Niagara Falls sounds more scary!

@ Jo: I don't think I'll have the nerves for sky-diving!! Good ear, Jo - you're quite right - Thai music has many bird sounds in it!

@ Henk: ♥u!

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